Luvvie Ajayi

AIDS Activist

Patricia Arquette

Pay Equity Visionary

Ruha Benjamin

Education Equity Activist

Charles Best

Educational Crowdfunding Pioneer

Neil Blumenthal

One-for-One Model Innovator

Brian Bordainick

Community Builder

Crystal Fleming

Critical Race Theory Author

Bert Jacobs

Co-founder, The Life is Good Foundation

John Jacobs

Co-founder, The Life is Good Foundation

Brad Jenkins

Policy Activist

Kyle MacDonald

Social Adventurer

Nick Mullins

Environmental Blogger

Samantha Nutt

Founder of WarChild USA/Canada

Chris Temple & Zach Ingrasci

Humanitarian Documentary Filmmakers

Amanda Parkes

Sustainable Fashion Technologist

Bob Woodward

Award-winning Investigative Journalist

Dan Pallotta

Founder of the Charity Defense Council

Sam Polk

Food Deserts Activist