Our relationships with our event sponsors and our speakers serve an equally important purpose to better the communities at large. As we know that our commitment to our speakers is only as fruitful and beneficial as in relation to our commitment to our event sponsors, we share our pledge to each through our Outspoken Oath to set our intentions for our work together and to ensure we are always doing what is best in service of others.

To our clients:
• We will listen to you to understand your needs, always with the goal of finding you the best speaker.
• We will never charge you any additional fees if we need to partner with another agency to find you the perfect speaker for your event.
• We will be with you until the very end, regardless of whether or not we get paid.
• We will all have a blast in the process.

To our speakers:
• We believe in you and we believe in your message.
• We will advocate for your message and are committed to building a platform for your voice.
• We will provide you with opportunities for growth by surrounding you with a roster of like-minded thinkers and leaders.
• We will all have a blast in the process.