Edward (Ned) Hallowell, M.D. is a child and adult psychiatrist, devoted to helping people identify and channel their strengths in today’s CrazyBusy world. Internationally recognized as the “Focus Doctor”, he is the Founder of the Hallowell Centers in Boston MetroWest, New York City, San Francisco and Seattle. These centers specialize in his signature “strength-based” approach to the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive and emotional concerns, especially ADHD.

Dr. Hallowell is a graduate of Harvard College and Tulane Medical School. He completed his residency in adult and child psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, where he also served as an instructor for twenty years.

Dr. Hallowell has written 20 books, including the 1994 ground-breaking New York Times best-seller on ADHD, Driven to Distraction. In aggregate, Dr. Hallowell's books have sold more than 2 million copies on various psychological topics including how to: raise children into happy adults, manage worry, develop focus, forgive ourselves and others, connect on a deeper level and inspire the best from employees.

He has been an expert guest on many TV shows including Oprah, Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS Morning Show, The View, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, 60 Minutes and CNN, and has been quoted in most major publications. He hosts the popular "Distraction" podcast that strategizes how to turn modern problems into new-found strengths. His newsletter reaches thousands each month, and he thoughtfully addresses new issues in each edition.

Having successfully managed both ADHD and dyslexia himself, he has famously said, “I don’t treat disabilities; I help unwrap gift!”  When “disabilities” are seen instead by their mirror traits, these attributes can be channeled toward turbo-charged success. Dr. Hallowell implores everyone to tap into this “American Edge,” and into “the other Vitamin C, Vitamin Connect”; for there is no force in all of human existence more powerful or beneficial than the power of human connection.

Dr. Hallowell is internationally recognized for his expertise, humor, passion and unique ability to touch the hearts of many. His upcoming memoir, Because I Come From A Crazy Family: The Making of a Psychiatrist, is a moving memoir about crazy families and where they can lead, and about the unending joys and challenges that come with helping people celebrate who they are. It will be released in June 2018.




Dr. Hallowell, one of the world’s experts on ADHD, explains his strength-based approach to understanding this fascinating and widely misunderstood condition. He shows how properly managed ADHD can lead to spectacular success of a kind that cannot be planned or predicted. It is people who have ADHD who advance the world. In this talk, Dr. Hallowell takes the audience through a process by which this condition can be diagnosed and managed best.


Most entrepreneurs have the trait that is so misleadingly called ADHD. Dr. Hallowell renames it “The Entrepreneur’s Trait,” and shows how phenomenally beneficial it can be. A follow-up to talk # 1, this presentation shows how many different paths people with the entrepreneurs trait have followed, and what factors predict the greatest success.


In this talk, Dr. Hallowell, known for his work with children and adults, now identifies the underlying reasons why people really lose their ability to focus at work—where many of today's adults feel distracted and unproductive. He explains why commonly offered solutions like "learn to manage your time better" or "make a to-do list" just don't work because they don't address the deeper, underlying issues of mental distraction at play. Through a set of reliable techniques. Dr. Hallowell will show how anyone can regain control of their attention and most productive mental state. By identifying the most common patterns for how and why people surrender their attention. Dr. Hallowell will provide solutions on how to break the habits that undermine their effectiveness.


We live in a world characterized by what Dr. Hallowell calls “the modern paradox”: miraculously connected electronically, we are growing disconnected interpersonally. This social isolation is as dangerous a risk factor for early death as cigarette-smoking, high blood pressure, and obesity. Touting the power of “the other Vitamin C, Vitamin Connect,” Dr. Hallowell offers a detailed prescription for a richly connected life that anyone can follow. This Vitamin C is free, infinite in supply, and feels good to take. Sadly, most people don’t take advantage of its amazing power.


Ned Hallowell has done more than anyone in America to illuminate the challenges of ADD and ADHD. He has given parents hope. He has taught us all how to focus on children’s strengths. Most importantly, he has provided teachers with a variety of ways to help struggling children in their classrooms every day. You cannot find a better guide for ADD and ADHD than Ned Hallowell.
— Michael Thompson, Ph.D., Independent School Consultant, "New York Times" best-selling co-author of "Raising Cain" and "Best Friends"