Mike is a consultant, author, and public speaker based in San Francisco. Starting from his days working closely with Palantir (as one of the Deloitte leads for the relationship), he became fascinated with technology and how it has the potential to improve and change lives. This journey began when he was a Specialist at Deloitte Consulting where he founded and led a consulting group applying technology to social issues such as anti-human trafficking and human rights, a data analytics initiative which successfully identified victims, traffickers, and patterns of traffickers operating in the US.

Mike is now part of the Switch team, a next gen communications start up focused on making communications at work easy, delightful, and powerful. Switch was launched in 2011 by the Google Voice founders and a team of ex-Googlers, with funding and support from two top tier venture capital firms —Google Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. He joins the company to help transform communications and collaboration at organizations to enhance productivity. Mike brings over 10 years of experience in sales and biz dev working with Fortune 500 company executives, US government senior officials, and leadership of international organizations and universities.

Mike authored the Wall Street Journal-featured book Escaping North Korea, a memoir about his experiences at the China-North Korea border helping North Korean refugees escape through a 6,000-mile modern-day underground railroad. His book and life story are currently being developed into a feature film with actor/producer Daniel Dae Kim (Lost, Hawaii Five-O).

Mike frequently appears in the media. He has been a guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, and Fox News. Mike speaks to audiences worldwide including numerous companies, universities, and government organizations on five continents. He has also been a guest speaker at Authors@Google and the Google Korea and Japan offices.



In this riveting lecture, Kim tells the story of how he began to operate undercover as a student of North Korean taekwondo, training and competing under two famous North Korean masters from Pyongyang—eventually receiving a second-degree black belt—while leading North Korean refugees to China through the Underground Railroad. Upon his return to the U.S., he founded Crossing Borders, an actionable nonprofit dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to North Korean refugees.


Mike tells audiences around the world of the depraved networks in which he came in contact while in Asia. His extensive work has led him down many dangerous paths and through many harrowing experiences, which includes interrogation, house arrest and being held at gunpoint. During his four years in Asia, Mike came into contact with illicit networks and saw firsthand how they operate in the realm of organized crime, money laundering, drugs and human trafficking.





One of the most incredible stories of personal bravery I’ve ever heard. One man equipped only with his passion and a group of people equally committed, helping North Koreans escape through a modern-day underground railroad.
— Jon Stewart