Max Valiquette helps companies, organizations, and brands find solutions to their problems by better understanding their employees, customers, and communities. Named one of North America’s “Most Influential Marketers” by Marketing magazine, he has worked with some of the biggest brands around the world throughout the course of his career as a leading marketing and brand strategist. His varied expertise makes him one of the most sought-after public speakers on trends, innovation, marketing, and youth culture.

Valiquette’s unyielding passion for thought leadership, culture, and understanding “what makes people tick” led to his award-winning career as a consumer and cultural strategist. He founded and ran Youthography, North America’s first youth-market focused research and communications firm, and is currently the VP of strategic planning at Publicis. Prior to joining Publicis, he was the Managing Director of Strategy for Bensimon Byrne. Over the course of his career, Valiquette has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world–from Nike to Budweiser—and everything in between.

As a journalist and broadcaster, Valiquette was a frequent contributor to the internationally syndicated television programs Listed and Evolution; and has made frequent appearances as both a panelist and guest-host for the Business News Network’s daily wrap-up show, SqueezePlay. He can be heard every two weeks as a “Round One” panelist on Moore in the Morning, and every month on AM1010’s weekly radio rewind, Viewpoints. Valiquette has appeared on the CBC’s Lang and O’Leary Exchange, written and delivered columns for CBC Radio’s Day One, and appeared on Q and The Current. His insights and opinions have been featured in The Financial Post and The Globe and Mail; on NPR and MuchMusic; and in scores of other media outlets.

Valiquette holds a BA from the University of Ottawa, is a former Central Canadian Debating Champion, and has performed, as a sketch comedian, on the main stage at Second City Toronto.



Max’s most popular presentation is an ever-evolving, customized speech about current trends and what they mean to your business or industry. “Trends with Benefits” looks at shifting demographics, new cultural trends, shifts in business and industry, and developing, disruptive technologies. Right now, “Trends with Benefits” features four big trends:

  • Millennials, who are incredibly important as a demographic because of their size and their impact on their boomer parents;

  • Sharing culture through the use of collaborative and asset-light technologies;

  • Real-life technologies like apps and 3D printing;

  • and changes in the Internet, through the growth of micro-social networks and the Internet of Things.


Change would be so easy if we could all see into the future. So how do we innovate as if we know what tomorrow will bring? Fostering and rewarding innovation is a tough thing to do, but now more than ever, staying on top depends on creating a culture of innovation. In this presentation, you’ll find out how to make innovation a priority in your workplace; how technology and innovation are linked; and why it’s important to abandon some of your most-used (and most-hated!) workplace practices right now, no matter how ingrained they are in your organization.


Canada’s most popular presentation on demystifying the most mysterious of demographics! A combination of statistics, primary research, insight, and anecdotes, this is an enormously entertaining, high-energy presentation that will unite your audience with a common understanding of how best to connect to young Canadians, from Generation Y to Z and beyond. Demographics and psychographics, values, social networks, youth culture and implications for young industry and organization are all a part of this customized presentation designed to help you understand today’s youth, whether you’re looking to connect to them as citizens, engage them in your workforce, or reach out to them as consumers. Understanding Youth is also available for US audiences with a full suite of American statistics, trends, and implications.

Great Presenter! Great Sense of Humour! Great knowledge base! Very interesting!
— Education Computing Organization of Ontario