Kenny Zimlinghaus is a stand-up comedian with over 16 years on the circuit and has performed all over the country, solo and alongside Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Gaffigan, Todd Barry, Kevin Pollock, Paul Reiser and many more. Kenny's debut comedy album Night Pageant immediately went to #1 on iTunes upon its release in April of 2015.

He started doing comedy in Boston where later he got into radio with WFNX FM as their youngest radio host. From there he moved to Charleston, South Carolina to co-host the most popular morning show in the city, 'Storm and Kenny Show’ on WAVF Wave 96 FM. From there he spent 10 years as the co-host of SiriusXM’s Wake Up! With Taylor. Kenny's unmatched ability to bring a guy's perspective to the female-focused conversation brought a diverse insight to not only help women understand the male side to the topic at hand, but also to enlighten men to the daily struggles of their ladies.

Kenny recently starred in the film Wedgerino which won 'Best Offbeat Comedy" at the 2015 Manhattan Film Festival. The film also was selected to be screened at the Chain Film Festival in NYC and Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival in Vermont. He is currently filming a feature movie, Skippers, which will be released in 2018.

Kenny Zimlinghaus has a loyal following from his years in radio and prides himself on giving his audiences a uniquely hilarious show every time he comes to town.




From rocking the “dad-bod” to being judged by his dog, Bindi, on a daily basis, Kenny gives his unique and hilarious take on the mundaneness and absurdities of adulthood. Kenny helps you laugh your way through the intricacies (and dangers) of changing a baby boy's diaper and shares stories from his time on a female-focused radio show, which led to his feminist outlook on sharing life's duties with his wife.


Our culture has taught us to be oddly suspicious of that one guy taking a women’s issues class. He’s either looking to get some or he’s gay. A lifelong professional male feminist, comedian Kenny Zimlinghaus has managed to not let his belly fat or his genuine love and admiration for women get in the way of male camaraderie and getting lucky with girls. From knowing when to speak up on behalf of a female friend to knowing when to sit down, shut up and listen, Kenny explores the subtleties and the benefits of male feminism, not only for society as a whole, but for oneself.


If you need some comic relief from those New Year’s weight loss resolutions, Kenny Zimlinghaus will have you laughing the calories off!
— Charleston City Paper