Building community has always been the common thread throughout Jesse Israel’s career. With a passion for creating experiences that deepen human connection, Jesse has worked to build opportunities for people to be surrounded by others with shared interests, as he’s witnessed the power that these opportunities create to drive purpose and deeper meaning into their lives.

For almost a decade, Jesse successfully worked in the music industry, as a co-founder at Cantora, a record label turned venture fund where he signed bands like MGMT and Francis and the Lights. He also advised The Wu Tang Clang's GZA, worked with Frank Sinatra Enterprises and invested in early stage startups. After much success and subsequent anxiety surrounding his work, he decided to move on from the industry to find a deeper purpose.

With an interest (and a need) for health and wellness, The Big Quiet was born. As the founder of The Big Quiet, Jesse has created a mass meditation movement that hosts large-scale moments of culture and well-being at landmarks like Central Park, at the top of World Trade Center, Madison Square Garden and in major U.S. cities. He is also the creator of Medi Club, a purpose-driven community of thousands of people that come together to meditate and have real-talk conversations inclusive of all human experiences—both good and challenging.

Jesse speaks about community building, the need for human connection and purpose-driven leadership at Fortune 500 companies like American Express and General Mills, has led mass meditations at corporations like Google and Marriott, and has consulted for community-driven organizations like Sweetgreen and MNDFL.

Jesse is also the creator of the Cyclones, a social bicycling club with thousands of members among riding chapters in NYC and LA, and the Cyclones Bike Share program, a crowd-powered initiative that has implemented bike share programs and bike shops for students and women in rural areas of Tanzania.

Jesse’s work has been covered by The New York Times, Vice, Vogue, Fast Company and on ABC News. According to the Wall Street Journal, Jesse is "rebranding meditation for Millennials" and the Cassandra Report called The Big Quiet a "cultural phenomenon”.




Despite advancements in technology, science and medicine, studies show that modern society is experiencing some of the highest rates of depression, anxiety and chronic loneliness in human history. People are yearning for support, deeper connections and a sense of community in ways that are currently hard to find. In this talk, Jesse explores the growing need for human connection, from both a historical viewpoint of variations in human habitation as well as new studies surrounding changes in religion and the impacts of technology on human behavior. With the help of the past to understand the present, Jesse shares the actions that both individuals and organizations can take to bring people together when they need each other most.


When Jesse Israel was 25 years old, he was running a record label, traveling the world to music festivals and investing in tech startups. But behind the scenes, he was having panic attacks and experiencing debilitating anxiety. In this talk, Jesse talks about how his life transformed when he found the practice of meditation and began living a more mindful lifestyle. Learn about the simple yet powerful science of meditation, tips on work/life balance, how to incorporate a mindful practice into your life & workplace, and experience a live meditation led by Jesse.


We find ourselves in the middle of a cultural movement around conscious living and personal betterment, where life hackers are becoming celebrities and articles on "the top five ways to improve your ___ (fill in the blank)" are going viral. With so much wellness noise to discern what's best for our own interest, consumers are prioritizing to spend their money on the brands, products and experiences that put their well-being first and allow them to feel their best. In this talk, Jesse guides audiences through the rapidly growing health and wellness landscape and shares the key values that are magnetizing consumers to this industry and the ways that you, your team and your brand can authentically have an impact within this space.

For a workforce that oftentimes has difficulty “putting laptops down,” this visit was chalked up to a major success with a highly engaged group (from start to finish!) who shared the common sentiment of feeling refreshed & appreciative of the newly gained perspective on the other side.

Net net: This talk was a treat and comes highly recommended!
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