Dev Aujla runs Catalog, an agency which provides strategic advisory and recruiting services to companies that make money and do good. For the last ten years, Dev has been at the center of a progressive new generation that is rebuilding, redesigning and rethinking the ways that we do good and make money.

He is the creator of, a website and April 2018 Amazon best-selling book by the same name, that is the result of a multi-year research project focused on the future of what it means to work and build a career today.  His research has enabled him and his team to talk to thousands of job seekers, employers, career counselors and experts in the field, mapping the shift to non-linear, learning-based careers. Dev is also the Director of Talent at the early stage venture fund Juxtapose, which helps build and scale category defining technology companies.

Dev has created an organization called The Sorted Library which is rethinking the modern library experience by organizing small collections made by their members. The act of organizing the library in collections offers an alternative way of engaging and discovering books within a small space.

He is the founder of DreamNow, a charitable organization which has helped young people organize and start community projects. Over the last ten years, DreamNow has reached over fifty thousand people and raised million of dollars for sustainability and youth organizing. Dev has worked with large corporations such as BMW and Pepsi and with upstarts like GOOD/Corps and helping them to do good, build partnerships and launch programs across the United States and Canada.

Dev speaks regularly and has blogged for outlets that include Inc magazine and Fast Company. His writing and work have been featured in dozens of media outlets that include the New York Times, Glamour, MSNBC, CBC and The Globe and Mail.

Dev holds an English Literature degree from the University of Western Ontario and currently lives and works in New York and Toronto. He is also the co-author of Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money & Community in a Changing World.




Thousands of young people graduate each year wanting jobs that make money and do good. They are tired of the ‘follow your passion’ rhetoric and are craving the actual path forward. Dev launched in 2014, and has since reached over 5 million people of all ages with the simple tangible steps they need to take to get a job that makes money and does good.

Dev’s keynote and workshop walks people through the tangible steps toward finding work; the behind the scenes stories of people that have found jobs; and shows people the path to find a hidden gold rush of opportunities that exist today making money–and doing good when doing so.


As a social entrepreneur, Dev Aujla believes that the last generation made its money tearing the world apart and this generation is going to make its money putting it back together. Aujla shares the wisdom outlined in his book Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money, and Community in a Changing World to show companies how they can unlock opportunities to make money doing good.

If you take this book with the seriousness it deserves, it will change you and you will change the world. I’m usually dubious of ‘self-help’ books; this is something entirely different—far deeper, and far far more useful.
— Bill McKibben