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From renowned parent expert Caroline Maguire, Why Will No One Play with Me? is a groundbreaking program that has helped thousands of children struggling with social skills to make friends, find acceptance, and have a happy childhood. Caroline shares her proven strategies teaching parents how to use coaching with their child during all executive function skill-building sessions (as it relates to the social realm).

The book offers readers Caroline’s successful “Play Better Plan,” a three-part program where children make noticeable progress while building confidence and enjoying a more satisfying social life. With compassion and ease, this program gives parents and educators a tangible, easy-to-follow guide for helping kids develop the executive function and social skills they need to thrive.

“Caroline has a wonderful way of taking her deep knowledge of ADHD children and making it applicable and relatable to all parents. She was engaging, set the entire crowd at ease, and let us know that none of us are alone. Caroline offered specific and accessible tools and resources and reassured us that our kids will all be okay. Her insights and experience are invaluable to those of us struggling to understand and help our children succeed socially. We could literally feel the love.”

- Blindbrook NY PTA

A passionate personal coach, author, teacher, and speaker whose work has inspired important conversations about social skills at elementary and middle schools and in homes all across the country, Caroline Maguire believes all children can shine. Her work is critical to parents everywhere who support children with executive function challenges struggling to show their best selves. Caroline Maguire, ACCG, PCC, M.Ed. has been a rock for hundreds of families who have children with ADHD who struggle to fit in socially. Caroline’s unique way of drawing out the best in her clients has been recognized internationally as she is invited to speak at conferences and schools around the world on topics related to coaching children and young adults with autism, ADHD, LD, executive function or social skills deficits.

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