Outspoken Speaker Brad Jenkins Gets 'Fired Up' for New Podcast

Brad Jenkins is stepping up to the mic. His new podcast, Fired Up with Brad Jenkins, aims to give listeners a fresh perspective into the hearts and minds of political leaders, artists, influencers, and everyday heroes.


“There are very few places in the media where political leaders, artists, or journalists can just be themselves,” Jenkins said. “Our podcast is a place where audiences can actually get to know who these people are without a soundbite agenda.”

With the 2020 United States presidential election quickly approaching, Jenkins has had the opportunity to sit down with numerous candidates and find out what gets them fired up.

“We have had the chance to go to many of the Presidential candidates’ homes and interview them at their most honest and personal. Before every interview, we ask our guests to pick a ‘fired-up topic’ that is a jumping off-point for the conversation,” he added. “We like to give our audiences that feeling of being in the room and listening in on a conversation between two friends.”

Before Jenkins was Managing Director and Executive Producer of Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die, he served four years as President Obama’s Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement. You may have seen one of his projects with the Obama administration - the Emmy-award winning “Between Two Ferns” interview on the Affordable Care Act.

It’s no surprise that Jenkins dreams of having the former president and First Lady Michelle Obama on the podcast. "They are the reason that I got involved in politics," Jenkins said. "We have had a couple Fired Up interviews with couples that haven’t been released yet and they are hilarious. So yes! A Barack and Michelle interview is the dream!”

This isn’t the only new venture for Jenkins. He recently launched Enfranchisement Productions, a DC-based creative and consulting agency. The agency will work with electoral campaigns, non-profits, start-ups, and brands, and will be involved in creative and political strategy.

If you’re looking forward to hearing these one-on-one interviews, look for new episodes available every Tuesday. And you’re in luck, there are already six episodes available for streaming. Listen in as Jenkins talks with presidential candidate Cory Booker, actress Chloe Bennet, and more.

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