Rave Reviews: Jessica O. Matthews @ IIDA

“Jessica O. Matthew’s energy, ambition, and overall message at such a young age is an inspiration that can be applied to any one in any industry. She takes her personal life experiences and challenges and discusses her process to developing solutions that are beyond our average, everyday mindsets. I booked her for an event in 2017 with 500+ attendees, and again in 2018 with even more attendees - both audiences were on their feet in a standing ovation. People are still talking about it! I would happily book her again in 2019, 2020, etc.”

-International Interior Design Association - October 2018

Life is Good Playmakers: Inspiration from Bert & John Jacobs

Life is Good Co-founders Bert Jacobs and John Jacobs are on a mission to spread the power of optimism. It's inherent in everything they do. But some people don't know how far their work goes to support their cause. The Life is Good Kids Foundation partners with leading childcare organizations to positively impact the quality of care delivered to the most vulnerable children. Through their "Playmaker Initiative", the Foundation supports men and women who dedicate their careers to helping children heal from the devastating impact of early childhood trauma. Adverse childhood experiences can create possible risk outcomes affecting behavior, physical & mental health.

With our focus on the fundamental health issues championed for by the Movember campaign this month, it's important to think about the effects of mental health issues, such as depression and suicide attempts, at an early age—no matter the gender. Bert and John not only donate 10% of Life is Good's net profits to their Foundation, but also donate all net speaking fees to their Foundation as well. They put their money where their mouth is for the power of optimism and the power of positive mental health.

Learn more about the power of the Playmakers in this short, inspiring video: