Amanda Slavin (listed on 2015's Forbes 30 Under 30 for Marketing and Advertising) is a Millennial and Generation Z expert and the CEO/Founder of CatalystCreativ, an experience studio that’s focused on helping cities, brands and institutions flourish by developing educational and inspirational strategy, along with on and offline campaigns to engage Millennials. CatalystCreativ is backed by Zappos CEO and venture capitalist Tony Hsieh as part of the Downtown Project. Slavin and CatalystCreativ have worked with brands spanning from NPR, Dell, Ekocycle and Starwood Hotels.

Slavin earned her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education and wrote her thesis on the impact outdoor community has on engagement, creating a metrics of engagement. She has used this foundation of understanding engagement in her approach to grassroots marketing and business development. Slavin started with Paige Management in 2009 and built a community of clientele, bringing the company from its $3 million status to more than $30 million in 2012. She is still a partner in one of their properties, 121 Fulton Street. Slavin co-founded and launched the Charity Connector event series, a socially nonprofit event series that started at Paige Management in 2010, and has worked with 200 nonprofits building community through strategic partnerships, events and marketing to help engage more individuals to support their fundraising efforts.  Past experience includes overseeing partnerships with Axe/Unilever and Madison Square Garden, as well as creating and spearheading a 16 week activation for LVMH’s launch of Moet Ice in 2010, overseeing and initiating a 16 week launch of events, tastemaker dinners and experiential marketing.

Slavin has served as an event organizer for TEDx Big Apple, as a producer of Global Citizen Festival, and is a founding advisory board member for NPR's millennial arm, GenListen. Slavin is an advisor to Mama Hope, Global Citizen, and I Am That Girl. She is a member of the World Economic Forum, Global Shapers, TED, Summit Series, Nexus and PTTOW. Amanda is a seasoned presenter with past speaking engagements including SXSW, BizBash Innovation Forum, TEDx and 99U.  She is a frequent contributor for Inc., The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal and Business Insider.




Amanda's academic and professional experience engaging communities of all shapes and sizes have led her to develop a foolproof method of measurement for what she calls "the seven levels of engagement". Using personal case studies on networking events, branding strategies and grassroots marketing campaigns, she explores the technological and psychological components of engaging audiences for a positive purpose.


Everyone is chasing millennials, which is the most educated generation in history and one that represents approximately $200 billion in annual buying power. For many marketers and nonprofits, they are the golden goose. But the question is not how to market to millennials; it is how to engage them. Amanda examines the values of this target audience, including their sense of community and individuality. A Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient and a millennial herself, Amanda draws from personal experience and her work with companies like Coca-Cola, Dell and Starwood Hotels, and offers tips on how to translate the needs and habits of this generation into more effective events.


So what is a 'pre-mom'? A pre-mom is a woman of childbearing age who hasn't yet had kids, but wants to eventually start a family. With 28 million women in America who are candidates for the 'pre-mom' stage, the importance of discussing the factors driving women to choose between a path focused on career versus a path supportive of motherhood has become an important conversation. For the millennial women who are thinking about becoming mothers and are currently in the prepping period between making the decision to have kids and starting to try to get pregnant—the 'Pre-moms'—there are numerous questions and ideas that could have a huge impact on the workplace. In this talk, Amanda will dive into the ways employers and pre-mom employees may work together to create a cooperative relationship to allow for everyone's goals to be met as well as how corporations can grab the attention of these deeply engaged Pre-mom consumers to, ultimately, engage and sell to their wants and needs.


Amanda Slavin’s energy is contagious and delivers a framework for dialog that lasts long after her talk and event have ended. Her expertise and experience in engagement, education, and entrepreneurship has inspired many of our guests and community members to drive and create change in their own lives and communities.
— Tony Hsieh, CEO of