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Caitie Bradley, Chief Executive Officer

What do marathons, heli-skiing, and surfing all have in common? Caitie Bradley’s desire to compete. This one likes danger—no doubt about it. She even drives with one hand on the steering wheel. When she isn’t defying gravity, she’s definitely training for her next big race. Caitie is our fearless leader, bringing years of experience representing the incomparable playwright Sarah Jones as well as working operations for Crush Management (think Sia, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer). Her open attitude to this industry brings forth the ability to program with endless possibilities. She makes it happen for you.

Outspoken about: Women’s Rights and Climate Change
What podcast she’s listening to right now: #girlboss radio

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Tara Berthier, Chief Revenue Officer

Fiddle-toting, guitar-strumming, former Canadian idol contestant, Tara Berthier has just a few talents up her sleeves. And if it doesn’t involve music, you better believe her mouth will still be going. This one has the gift of gab, making friends wherever she goes. Her straightforward and candid dialogue keeps the receiver happy and engaged. This proves to be a perfect combination as she leads the charge for streamlining sales practices and overseeing bookings for the team. With 10 years of experience at major Canadian agencies including National Speakers Bureau and Speakers’ Spotlight, Tara brings a wealth of professional knowledge to both our agency and our clients.

Outspoken about: Mental Health and Children’s Rights
What podcast she’s listening to right now: Dear Sugar

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Tori Marra, Chief Operations Officer

If something needs planning, look no further. Dubbed “Party Planner Tori aka PPT” as a joke years ago, Tori Marra gets things organized—for better, or better. This one will stress the best for you. And if something fails, she can tap dance a jig to make up for the mistake. No, really, she can. With years of dedicated service in account management, event planning, and operations both at major advertising agency Y&R as well as another speaker’s bureau, Tori has experience keeping a young, startup team performing at the same caliber as a major agency. And she always maintains an honest, open relationship with her clients to ensure everyone is happy with the outcome of their work.

Outspoken about: Poverty and Education
What podcast she’s listening to right now: Pod Save the People

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Dave Twombly, "Dean of Dialogue" / Executive VP

What group of Charlie’s Angels-esque girl bosses would be complete without their own Bosley of sorts? Dubbed “Prof" for his speaker wisdom and agent training skills, Dave is a veteran to the industry, with over 14 years and 4 agencies under his belt. In that span of time of dedicated service to speaker representation, the curse of the Bambino came to an end, he added a wife and two beautiful, sassy, smart daughters to the world, and his commitment to speaker programming (and the Red Sox) has remained effervescent. Ask him the two things he likes to do the most and he’ll tell you it’s talking on the phone with event sponsors and eating a hot dog at Fenway Park with his ladies in tow. Who knows? You just might give him a call one day and make both happen simultaneously.

Outspoken about: Equality and Justice
What podcast he’s listening to right now: Anything NPR-produced

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